Kiln-Dried Lumber

We primarily produce Basswood, Hard Maple, Red Oak, Soft Maple, and White Ash. We also produce smaller amounts of many other species including Aspen, Beech, Black Walnut, Brown Ash, Cherry, Cottonwood, Hickory, (White Pine), Red Elm, White Birch, White Oak, and Yellow Birch. Our lumber is produced rough sawn although we do offer planing and ripping services at an additional cost. Our standard thickness is a true 4/4 (or 1 inch). In rare cases, we may produce certain species at a greater thickness such as 5/4, 7/4, or 8/4. All of our kiln-dried lumber is random width, ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches wide. We cannot guarantee any certain amount of a specific width received. If requested, we can piece tally a sample bundle to get an average width report to you. Our lumber is available in even lengths with a small percentage of 1-foot cutbacks. Lengths can range from 4 feet to 16 feet depending on species although 8-foot lumber is typical of all species. We offer a discount on lumber that is 6 feet and shorter. Similarly, 12 feet and longer lengths are typically charged a premium. We sell in small quantities as well as partial, mixed, or full truckloads to meet various customer needs. Please note we do have a minimum order requirement of 100 board feet in a single species.

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Bark Mulch

As a byproduct of debarking logs prior to entering our sawmill, we produce two types of bark mulch: Mixed Hardwood and Oak. We also offer a Double Ground (reground) Bark Mulch that is ground two times to ensure consistent breakdown.


Bark mulch is a natural way of suppressing weeds throughout your gardening or landscaping projects. We do not add any artificial coloring to our naturally beautiful product. Our Bark Mulch is sold to customers for public and private landscaping or gardening projects.


The Mixed Hardwood Bark Mulch and Double Ground (reground) Bark Mulch is sold by the yard.  For 1 to 4 yards per pickup the cost is $17/yard and 5 or more yards is $14/yard.


Oak Bark Mulch also sells by the yard.  For 1 to 4 yards per pickup the cost is $21/yard and 5 or more yards is $18/yard. 


Customers are welcome to bring their trucks or trailers to our yard where we can load you.

We also offer delivery in load sizes of 10-16 yards and 50-75 yards at an additional charge.

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Wood Chips

As a byproduct of sizing lumber in our sawmill, we produce mixed hardwood wood chips. These wood chips are commonly sold to public and private customers for use as ground cover for gardens, paths, or playgrounds.

As part of our commitment to the sustainable use of our forest resources, we use this product in the production of our kiln-dried lumber. We use a portion of the wood chips produced in our wood boiler to heat our dry kilns. Our forest resource is versatile and valuable in many ways. For one to four yards the cost is $15/yard. For five or more yards, the cost is $12/yard. Customers are welcome to bring their buckets, trucks, or trailers to our yard where we can load you.

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Our sawmill produces sawdust as a byproduct of cutting the logs. This sawdust is gathered and sold to customers who may use the material for commercial products, landscaping, gardening, or animal bedding.

Our sawdust product is green (or un-dried). Our sawdust is sold by the "bucket" with each bucket being about 4 yards. Pricing for one bucket is $45 for 4 yards. At 2 or more buckets the cost is only $40 for 4 yards. A semi of sawdust includes an average of 20 buckets (or about 80 yards) at $40 per 4 yards, therefore, costing about $800 a load. If you are interested in semi-loads of our sawdust product please contact us to have your trailer placed in our rotation. 

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Wood Shavings

Our customers will often request custom planing or edging services that produce wood shavings as a byproduct. These wood shavings are collected and sold to customers who may use the material for commercial products, landscaping, gardening, or animal bedding.

Our wood shavings are a dry product as the lumber was previously kiln-dried. Our wood shavings are sold by the semi load. A semi load of wood shavings typically includes 80 yards at $12.50 per yard. If you are interested in semi-loads of our wood shavings product please contact us to have your trailer placed in our rotation. 

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Green Planking

Our thick stock green planking is sold to customers for a variety of projects including ice shanty runners, trail runners, trailer decking replacement, or decking among others. We keep a limited standard stock of two species: Ash and White Oak.

White Oak is chew resistant, strong, and durable in the elements.

Ash is used in making baseball bats which are both flexible and strong.

This product is both sound and square edge. Our thick stock green planking can be selected for thickness, width, and length. Our standard thicknesses are 1'', 1.5'', 2'', 3'', widths are 6''/8''/10''/12'', and lengths are 8'/10'/12'/14'/16'. Please see custom cuttings for other dimensions.

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Custom Cuttings

If the dimensions you are looking for are not currently available (or detailed above) we can also make a custom cutting order at no service cost to you. We can cut for any thickness, but only even widths and lengths. Custom cuttings are available in any of our standard Northern hardwood species depending on log availability. Cuttings may occur days to months from when the custom cutting order is placed.

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There is no such thing as "bad lumber", but there is such a thing as a log that shouldn't be used for it. Logs best suited for firewood are often defected by rot, stain, or damage. Less frequently they are too small in diameter. Either way, these otherwise undesirable logs produce fire. Our unseasoned (or green) firewood takes approximately one year to dry. We sell by the log or by the cord. A cord contains approximately 10 to 12 logs and weighs around 5,500 pounds. Our firewood is primarily mixed hardwood but may contain up to 10% softwood. Since our firewood is typically sold by semi-load and delivered directly to homes the pricing per cord varies depending on the distance from one of our logging sites. At times we also have firewood available in our yard for pick up. To ensure availability in our yard please contact us before making the trip. The price per cord for pick up in our yard is $85. We provide professional loading to customers who would like to bring their sturdy trailers to our yard. Please note that we do not typically sell grade logs from our log yard.

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In every log, there is great lumber and then there is good lumber, but never bad lumber! All types of lumber have their purpose. We provide "good-but-not-great" lumber (grade 3B) to customers with a variety of end-products in mind. We have seen increasing demand for this lumber due to the trendiness of "rustic" design. This lumber is available in the same varieties as our higher-grade lumber it is produced alongside. 

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