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Let's cut straight to the point.
  • Do you have a minimum order requirement?
    Yes, our minimum order requirement is 100 board feet per species. Board feet is a measurement used by the lumber industry to measure the total volume of a wood piece. It is the same as square feet in a 4/4 (or 1 inch) thickness, but will be different for other thicknesses. A super handy calculator for this can be found at
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, we can deliver up to 3,000 board feet using our small truck or up to 12,500 board feet using a semi. We also ship using containers both domestically and internationally.
  • Will you saw my logs for me?
    Unfortunately, no. We do buy logs, but only for our own lumber production. We cannot custom saw your personal logs and return them to you, even for a fee. Our apologies.
  • Will you kiln-dry my lumber for me?
    Unfortunately, no. We cannot kiln-dry your personal lumber and return it to you, even for a fee. Our apologies.
  • "I am looking for a (X) inch by (Y) inch by (Z) foot board.""
    We can help you with that, but only if you're looking for green (undried) lumber. We have some standard stock available, but depending on the dimensions you are looking for a custom cutting may be neccesary. All kiln-dried lumber purchased from us will be random width which ranges from 4 to 12 inches wide. We cannot guarantee a certain amount of any specific width be contained in an order.
  • How do you measure board feet?
    Board feet is measured by taking the thickness in inches multiplied by the width in inches multiplied by the length in feet. This number is then divided by 12 to produce a board foot measurement. We highly reccomend the board foot calculator found at
  • "I would like to come by to pick out some lumber.""
    Unfortunately, we do not operate like a retail store. We take orders which are prepared within one week from the day they are placed. For safety reasons, we do not allow the public into our warehouses to view or select lumber prior to purchase. All of our lumber is graded twice per National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) standards. The appearance of our lumber will be aligned with the grade requirements. A great resource for more information (and pictures!) on NHLA grading can be found at
  • "Will I be able to pick that up today?""
    Unfortunately, we do not operate like a retail store. Orders are placed with our office staff and prepared by our warehouse staff within one week of being placed. We cannot guarantee pick up sooner than one week, but it is often possible.
  • "I have a tree in my yard I'd like cut.""
    Unfortunately, our equipment is much too large to accomodate logging in residential yards. Our logging services are best suited for those with five or more acres of wooded land. Therefore we do not service residential areas. It is also up to our timber buyers discretion and consideration to insurance.
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