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We've been in the lumber industry since 1969... We've got a story to tell.

From the Woods to the Warehouse

Krueger Lumber Company first planted its roots in 1969 but our legacy began long before then. From a young age our founder, Herb Krueger, was found in the woods. Throughout the years he grew his knowledge of logging and lumber as he traveled with a portable sawmill throughout Northeast Wisconsin. He eventually had the knowledge and reputation to settle down in Valders, Wisconsin where he built a permanent sawmill.


Our sawmill has modernized with the times and our operation has grown with it. Krueger Lumber now has five warehouses that protect the precise drying completed by our three computer-controlled dry kilns. We are proud to produce over six million board feet per year at our facility annually. Today Herb's sons Bruce and Larry carry on the tradition as second-generation leaders for Krueger Lumber. One of Krueger Lumber's most significant accomplishments has been growing relationships with long-time customers locally while also acquiring new customers domestically and internationally. We are proud to see the impact our small-town USA products have throughout the United States and around the World.


Our sawmill holds to strict manufacturing specifications to ensure consistent production. Our sawmill facility, as well as the technologies it contains, are carefully maintained on a daily basis. When the lumber exits the sawing process it is promptly prepared for drying. Our kilns are maintained and monitored seven days a week to ensure precise moisture content is achieved. The detailed management of our kiln dependent on species and thickness produces a lumber product that is both useful and beautiful. After careful processing through our dry kilns, our lumber is re-graded prior to shipment.  We ensure quality that keeps customers coming back by grading all of our lumber twice per NHLA standards. We are a proud NHLA grade-certified sawmill. 


We primarily produce Basswood, Hard Maple, Red Oak, Soft Maple, and White Ash. We also produce smaller amounts of many other species including Aspen, Beech, Black Walnut, Brown Ash, Cherry, Cottonwood, Hickory, Red Elm, White Birch, White Oak, (White Pine), and Yellow Birch. On occasion, we may produce a variety of other northern species as well. Krueger Lumber is a trusted supplier to customers small and large across a variety of industries such as furniture, flooring, cabinetry, doors, and architectural millwork. We find a way to deliver whether you’re located in our "neck of the woods" or anywhere in the world. We have our own trucks but also maintain close relationships with companies that offer domestic trucking, domestic containers, and international container shipping. We sell in small quantities as well as partial, mixed, or full truckloads to meet various customer needs. 


The success of our lumber product is thanks to the collaboration between our experienced timber buyers, our insured logging crews, and trusting landowners. Our experienced team coordinates the responsible harvest and delivery of valuable logs to our facility. Whether we are harvesting timbers to serve business or personal needs, we can guarantee we will meet your expectations. As a small family-owned business, we focus on providing both quality products and exceptional service to our customers. Krueger Lumber intends to continue this tradition for years to come through the sustainable use of our forest resources from the woods to the warehouse.

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